Veganuary Begins! Vegan & Plant Based Diet For A Month…


We celebrated the New Year, shook off the hangover and embraced the goals for 2017 with vim and vigour!

So Veganuary is underway and we’re more eager than ever to get amongst it and put all the skills and
knowledge we have into it. As it is the second day in, we thought we’d give you a taste of how we prepared ourselves. Putting a vegan-adapted shopping list together definitely helped us to get ready so we didn’t have to think about it closer to the NYE celebrations. We also did our best to use up all the non-vegan food essentials a nutritionist has in the cupboards (we didn’t want any accidental slip-ups).

It was such a beautiful, sunny day in London today and the logical thing to do was to go out, get some sunshine and treat ourselves to a nice lunch in a local pub. Hmmm, not so much, unless you’re happy to just have a side salad. Normally walking into your local favourite coffee shop to order your usual wouldn’t be an issue, either. However, this month we have to stop and think about each item on the menu; Which milk? Is there cheese in that sandwich? Is there egg in that salad? etc. It is definitely easier to do Veganuary now than a few years back. There’s more support available, from websites like Veganuary, Vevolution and there are more and more options available for vegetarians and vegans all the time. Big chain restaurants, like Pret A Manger, Zizzi and Pizza Express, have vegan options or separate vegan/veggie menus. You just need to plan ahead and become familiar with them before you commit to a venue.

Interested to know how we came to do Veganuary?
Read more Plant based diet? We’re going vegan for January! #Veganuary

Today, we left our East London hood to wander through Hyde Park and enjoy the sunshine. Once the sun started on its journey behind the horizon, we were on the hunt for somewhere to escape the freshening wind and nourish ourselves. Salvation came in the form of a raw vegan restaurant in Notting Hill called Nama. With an extensive menu, a wide variety of tastes would be catered to. There were brunch, lunch, dinner and drink options and it was hard to make a decision! As a cheeky snack to tide us over we went for the Breakfast wrap and the Winter wrap. A Golden latte and Super Food latte accompanied the food perfectly. The Super Food latte is like all the goodness of the smoothie in a comforting warm drink, perfect for winter!

Here’s the link to their website for those of you in London or coming to London sometime in the future. It’s definitely worth adding to your must-do list to get a bit of vegan/plant-based food inspiration.

P.S. Our FaceyB group Veganuary with Vitality+Awesomeness is going strong. Try something new and join the fun!

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