Tesco Announces Healthier Products To Support Its Consumers

Tesco New Campaign

UK CEO Tesco Matt Davies being interviewed on BBC One earlier – 2nd May 2017

In an economy where healthy food seems to be at the heart of everything in the UK, we are still left wondering what the supermarket chains are doing. Obesity has reached epidemic levels, with 3 in 4 adults overweight or obese in the UK, as mentioned on BBC One this week. Most of the big supermarkets, like Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Tesco, now have Free From sections available. Does it, however, mean that they are fighting for a healthier food movement?

Customers understand how to be healthier and we’re supporting them by providing healthier products.

UK CEO of Tesco, Matt Davies was on BBC One this week talking about what Tesco is about to do for its customers. Davies believes that customers understand how to be healthier and Tesco are supporting them by supplying healthier products.
Tesco is indeed taking healthy products to the next level, looking at helping people make the right choices by using better products. Although it is known that Tesco hasn’t had it easy the past few years, Britain’s biggest supermaket is about to make a big change. Tesco will offer price reductions across the board, which means people with less money can also afford healthy products. Furthermore, they are targeting products that have hidden sugars and fats, which is what customers really need help with. Tesco had previously worked on reducing sugar in their own label product offerings by 20%, the challenge is even bigger this time. Tesco will look at products like your tomato ketchup and pasta sauces, salad dressings and breakfast cereals, where most consumers aren’t always aware of the sugar/fat content.

Nevertheless, there are two distinct matters here and they may not always be in the consumer’s interest:
Firstly, staying in touch with the consumer and making sure that they are supplying what’s in demand is obviously a key factor for big supermarket chains. We all follow the trends and these big boys don’t miss an opportunity to respond to the demand and use it to their advantage! Gluten free bread, vegan snacks, dairy free milk options, sugar free drinks and the list goes on…

Secondly, are they really making it about the consumer? More people have food allergies, intolerances, try to reduce the consumption of refined sugars, but what are the supermarkets really doing? When I walk down an aisle that is packed with fizzy drinks and crisps, I’m still confused with how supermarkets like Tesco or Sainsbury’s think they’re helping their customers. Companies like supermarkets and food manufacturers always proclaim that it’s all about “consumer choice” but “consumer choice” clearly isn’t working, as the obesity rate is growing at an alarming rate. We all have our share of the responsibility and as much as the government has its, supermarkets are equally as important but still provide some of the worst food options for people.

So many people still think they’re eating healthy but actually aren’t! Are they left to believe that moving to Free From ingredients and products, removing gluten and dairy is going to cut it and will make them healthier? When you look below the surface there is a clear difference between what you’re being told by the supermarkets and some of the media and what you really need for good health. The problem is the vast majority of the public take the information they’re presented with at face value.

I truly want to believe that we are about to see bigger changes coming from the supermarkets and look forward to seeing what will be on offer at my local Tesco supermarket in the near future. For more information, please refer to this link.

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