Food Shopping Essentials And Nutritional Guidance


As some of you may have noticed, restaurants keep their sides very similar for all their dishes so they can control their waste and can, most importantly, prep and get their dishes out in a timely manner.

The items we have selected to always have stocked up in your pantry and fridge come from the same idea. This is also reflected in the recipes we’ll add here on the site. There’s nothing worse than wanting to try something new, you find a recipe you want to try and find there are 3 obscure ingredients you don’t have. We really want to minimise disappointment (and unnecessary trips to the shops).

You will be able to reuse them for several of your meals instead of thinking of what you need for everyday of the week. for example: kale can be pan fried and used on your toast with an egg (poached/fried) but also be used for your lunch salad. Turmeric is full of health benefits and can be added on top of your eggs, in your salad, in your broth or wherever you can squeeze it in.

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Food Shopping Guidance

Personal Food Shopping Guidance   Food shopping may seem overwhelming for various reasons. We can help you build your dry pantry and chilled essentials with the right items to get you through a few days, if not the week,…