Fitness & Nutrition At Victoria House


Daen and Thomas are available every Thursday for employees* and companies based at Victoria House. Daen is a degree-qualified nutritionist and certified personal trainer based in London.

Our office is in the Retreat Room on the ground floor.

Nutritional consultations, group workouts and personal training are available every Thursday as follows:



Nutritional Consultation from £65


Focusing on helping you boost your energy levels, fight the afternoon crash and choosing the right foods for a better lifestyle. More details on our nutritional consultations.

The initial consultation with holistic nutritionist Daen will be a flat rate of £65 (normally priced at £85) for any company and employee based at Victoria House in London. We are also happy to offer the first follow up (normally around 30 minutes) after your initial consultation for free.


HIIT Group Workouts in Bloomsbury Square
from £8 a Session


At £10 for drop-in and £40 for a 5-session pack, we are running group workouts every Thursday at 12:00 and 13:00.

You can also book another time with your workmates for the same price per person. We are available between 09:00 and 18:00.

It is a maximum of 5 people per session.


Personal Training in Bloomsbury Square


One-to-one training sessions with Daen are available at £50 for 45 mins (plus warm up and stretching).


Contact us / Enquire


To make an appointment or enquire, please fill in the form below, text/call 07498 480 592 or email at Also feel free to come by the office and have a chat! Our office is at the retreat room on the ground floor (Thursdays only).

Vitality+Awesomeness Team x