Could Listening To Podcast

Improve Your Wellbeing?

By Thomas Belloy | 13th October 2016


So you’ll be left wondering for a few seconds why I’m writing about podcasts!? You may even be wondering why I’m writing for Vitality+Awesomeness (V+A) to start with, right? I mean what is V+A after all!? Do we work at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London?


Well V+A is the collaboration between Aussie holistic nutritionist and personal trainer Daen Heuston and French man (me), who studied hospitality and catering, worked in some of the best hotel groups in the world and got super stressed out about being stressed out every day! Oh, and I had to change my diet and switched my daily French baguette for a slice of gluten free bread!


Anyhoo, V+A was born after wanting to share our daily routine eating nutritious foods and incorporating fitness into our lifestyle to create our journey to wellbeing: We swapped the early cup of coffee for a hot cup of homemade bone broth, adding our own homemade  sauerkraut to burgers and eating more kale than half of the London population! Now we have just over 500 subscribers, (yes, most of them are family and friends; thanks for your support!) the website is up and running and starting to generate traffic and interest! What else can we add when it’s just about what we love doing? We are two people writing about Nutrition, Fitness and, most importantly, the journey to wellbeing. That is it we promise!


So, on the hunt to learning new things and trying to make most of what today’s technology offers, I got into podcasts. Rob, a friend of Daen and I sent me a link to Good Life Project and I have to say after a few seconds I was hooked. Was it founder of Good Life Project Jonathan Field’s voice who put me at ease, or Lisa Sugar talking about the inspiring journey of Popsugar? I think it was both of them just complementing each other so well I just couldn’t stop listening to the episode. When Rob first mentioned it and sent me the link, I was slightly unsure about it! Instagram, FaceyB, V+A, Twitter, I questioned about work-life balance and so forth, it just seemed too much to handle in one day! Anyway, I gave it a go on the way to the library one afternoon and just couldn’t stop listening; eager to finish one episode to move on to the next one. It was like when you’re a kid and allowed to turn on the TV yourself. And most importantly I didn’t have to do anything, I mean, no need to like, comment or #. Then I asked myself, How could I not know about this?! It has been out there for years and I just completely missed it. I mean podcasting started a little while ago, we’re looking at 2004. The term comes from broadcast being played on your iPod, see what they did there?! Once you subscribe to a podcast you automatically get new episodes from them which you play whenever it suits you. The main format is audio but can also be video. The other great thing is that you can download them and listen to them offline.


Should you consider giving it a go? This is why I recommend it!


The app comes automatically with any Apple device, which means iPhones, iPads and so forth have it automatically. Anyone should be able to have access now;


You can listen to the episodes whenever you feel like and pause if needed. Once you find what you like, subscribe and the episodes will automatically download to your device;


I found it very inspirational and motivational due to the fact that you have access to so much. Isn’t this enough? You want more?


Podcasts are super varied and include topics about arts, business, education, health, government, kids & family, science & medicine, religion & spirituality…;


Had enough of watching TV or tired of the ads on the radio? There you go, I have you sorted;


As always we would love to hear your thoughts, please leave comments and share Vitality+Awesomeness to your world!

Article written at the Shoreditch Library, whilst listening to Michael Jackson “Who is it” and full album “Dangerous”, as well as heaps of Skylar Spence. Inspired by lovely friend and photographer, Rob Exon. Artwork handcrafted by Emanuelle Seguin.


We love:
Good Life Project by Jonathan Field
Here’s the thing with Alec Baldwin
Monocycle with Leandra Medine – Man Repeller
The Rich Roll Podcast
Design Matters with Debbie Millman


Thomas x


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