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Celebrating Our One Year Anniversary With Abel & Cole 🍒🎉

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Probiotics & Superfoods On The Rise in The UK

Team V+A with the team from Turmericandhoney.com

Team V+A with the team from Turmericandhoney.com

When it comes to the nutrition and wellbeing industry, probiotics and superfoods are most certainly on everyone’s lips!  Read more

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Maintaining Gut Health On The Road in South America

Hello, I’m Sarah Jayne, an enthusiastic member of the V+A family! I’m taking over Vitality+Awesomeness temporarily to share some insights on gut health that Daen helped me with during my travels in South America. Read more


Tesco Announces Healthier Products To Support Its Consumers

Tesco New Campaign

UK CEO Tesco Matt Davies being interviewed on BBC One earlier – 2nd May 2017

In an economy where healthy food seems to be at the heart of everything in the UK, we are still left wondering what the supermarket chains are doing. Obesity has reached epidemic levels, with 3 in 4 adults overweight or obese in the UK, as mentioned on BBC One this week. Most of the big supermarkets, like Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Tesco, now have Free From sections available. Does it, however, mean that they are fighting for a healthier food movement?

Customers understand how to be healthier and we’re supporting them by providing healthier products.

UK CEO of Tesco, Matt Davies was on BBC One this week talking about what Tesco is about to do for its customers. Davies believes Read more

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The Mediterranean Diet Isn’t Just Another Fad


Unfamiliar with the “Mediterranean Diet”? It started to develop a bit of a buzz a couple of years back but then may have been pushed to the back of the crowd, due to the incessant bombardment of new fad diets and weight-loss crazes that fill our worlds, as well the growing vegan movement, based on a plant based diet. The Mediterranean Diet is essentially formed around Read more


Pret A Manger’s Bone Broth in London: Improve Your Gut Health On The Go!

Pret-UK-Bone-Broth - Photo taken from https://www.pret.co.uk/en-gb/pret-trials-bone-broth

Pret-UK-Bone-Broth – Photo taken from https://www.pret.co.uk/en-gb/pret-trials-bone-broth

There is no way you haven’t stepped into a Pret A Manger if you live in London! And if you’ve travelled to London, you’ve surely grabbed one of their healthy takeaway salads at one of London’s airports or had a coffee from them when wandering in the city centre. What you may have not discovered yet is that Pret has been trialling Bone Broth for a while and it’s now on their menus. That’s right, they are going one step ahead in the world of gut health and making bone broth almost a casual thing, adding it to their takeaway offerings. Read more

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Cracking the Cholesterol Caper: The Truth about Eggs

Sherlock Chicken

Have you fallen victim to the terrible “trend” of making egg white omelettes, throwing away the yolks because of their cholesterol levels? Or, worse yet, stopped eating eggs altogether? Read more