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Paris | We Take You To Pigalle

IMG_9300The sales were about to kick in so we thought, “Let’s spend 4 days in the French capital and take the opportunity to visit family and friends”.

When it came to booking a hotel and choosing the location, Le Marais seemed the obvious choice. However, after 2 recent stays in Le Marais, we felt like we didn’t need to be surrounded by tourists and high street stores similar to the Champs Elysée. We thus decided to book ourselves elsewhere, Pigalle!


Pigalle Neighbourhood in Paris

What an idea, though! Pigalle has always had a terrible reputation; drug dealing, robbery  and, most infamously, prostitution have made up many thriving stories. However it is becoming an up and coming arrondissement of Paris. I’m actually surprised that it has taken Pigalle so long to come out considering its central location and its proximity to Le Moulin Rouge and the famous Montmartre district. But hey, it’s all happening now. Maison Kitsune has opened a shop, Pigalle Ashpool also has its Paris store down the road and a few hotels have managed to get amongst this popular neighbourhood. It is probably fair to say that most of these new, fancy hotels used to be “Hotels de Passe” or “Hotels Particulars”. There is even an Australian kind of coffee shop KBcafeshop!

The Pigalle Hotel seemed like the place to be, so there we were, all booked in. The “Groundfloor” included a restaurant/bar, a DJ booth, an area with a communal table similar to what you find at Ace Hotel or The Hoxton. Attached to this area was a pole dance, hidden in the corner and separated by a heavy red curtain if required. Yes, “a pole dance” you’re still thinking! You don’t get that everywhere, yet Pigalle, damn right, has it for you!


Since we knew we would be out most of the day, we booked the smallest room type, easily comparable to a shoebox, which was more than enough. We were also happy to use the Groundfloor which turned out to be the highlight of our stay. We’re young and mingle!

We had our friends and family over for Saturday supper and late drinks. Perfectly located we had the round table in the naughty corner yet in the centre of the room, across from the DJ.

Sunday we signed up for brunch, which we were told gets pretty busy with the locals. And it was! A local Parisian chef cooked all she had picked up from the markets the same morning. It was all made in the kitchen next door and was delicious.

The whole experience is highly recommended.


View from the Sacre Coeur in Montmartre


Le Pigalle | Lobby/Restaurant Area


le Pigalle | Groundfloor



IMG_5213Gallivanting has always been a passion for us and was another reason to start Vitality+Awesomeness. Having lived in France, The UK and in Australia it’s been great being able to travel through Europe, The US and Australia. Another great thing part of travelling is to find out what to do and where to eat. When you have intolerance and are trying to eat healthy food, avoiding fast-food and processed food, it’s always interesting to find out what there is an city and what they try to do differently.

Eating out when you have dietary requirements can turn out to be a real struggle. We share our favourite spots in the world so you can confidently go out with friends or your lover and have a good time!