Daen Heuston and Thomas Belloy, Founders of Vitality+Awesomeness

Daen Heuston and Thomas Belloy, Founders of Vitality+Awesomeness

These days there is so much information (and misinformation) out there on what and what not to eat, which workout routines are the best, how to get a bikini body in 8 hours etc. Everyone seems to have their opinion on what’s best. So how do you know who to listen to?

Our mission at Vitality+Awesomeness is to give you research-based info from qualified experts, without the gimmicks, on what will make a difference in your life, with regards to nutrition, lifestyle choices, why fitness and keeping active is important. Additionally, how all of these facets are connected to your wellness to maximise your vitality (except the 8 hour bikini body!) and the reasons why.

Whether you’ve entered the post-partying phase of your life, are looking to make a start on your journey to wellness, have just found out your health isn’t where it should be, or need to make drastic changes due to a recently diagnosed condition, Vitality+Awesomeness has something for you.

Vitality+Awesomeness was co-founded with Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Wellbeing Personal Trainer Daen Heuston, originally from Sydney, Australia. Now based in London, you can meet Daen and his team for a nutritional consultationfood shopping guidance and personal training which is at the core of what he loves doing.

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