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One Year Anniversary

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By Thomas Belloy | 17th September 2017

Over a year ago we met some of the awesome people from Abel & Cole. Based in the docklands of London at the time, we bumped into the team outside Tesco in Canada Water. We knew there was something special! It’s now been over a year and without fail we get our food essentials from them. Our weekly fish, vegetables and fruits are delivered on our doorstep by Abel & Cole and we simply love it!

After relocating back to London from Sydney in early 2016. Fresh and locally-sourced vegetablesย were the first things we looked for. We were lucky enough to have Crystal Palace local farmer’s market close by at the time, which we made good use of. In June 2016 we came across Abel & Cole after moving to Canada Water for the summer. Daen stumbled on their little stand right outside the big Tesco and the rest is history. Itย was a real-life story of love at first sight!
We were thrilled as soon as we received our first delivery of seasonal produce. Not only do Abel & Cole never fail to deliver what you order but they also pop in a little surprise from time to time. Whether it’s a personal note, a surprise fruit, or a bonus gift to add to your pantry! Our first Abel & Cole delivery included a bottle of their own extra virgin olive oil and their Veg Box Companionย cook book. It put a big smile on our faces.

Organic Produce delivered by Abel & Cole in 2016

Organic Produce delivered by Abel & Cole in 2016

Seasonal & Organic Produce

Daen and I tried a few companies in London the first six months we were here but Abel & Cole stood out for their products, quality and flexibility. You can mix and match the contents of your box to suit your tastes, needs or to accommodate any intolerances you might have. This was crucial for us, as we don’t like to waste.
The most exciting part is to see new products added to the boxes as the seasons change. It’s something to look forward to each week.

Check out our latest recipes supported by Abel & Cole

Supporting Local Farmers

Another thing we love about Abel & Cole is the relationships they build with small, organic farmers. Already in Australia we tried and used local farmers as much as we could. And that’s not always easy when you live right in the heart of big city like Sydney, London or Paris. Abel & Cole pride themselves on sourcing produce from local/British farmers as much as they can. However, that’s not always possible due to the climate, here in the UK! Most importantly, they ensure the fruit and veg is of top quality when it comes from the Continent or further afield.

Plant based

“Eat (real) food, not too much, mostly plants” – Michael Pollan

We’re not vegan and we’d like to clarify this point. We do, however, believe in a more plant-based diet from organic and local produce whenever possible.
Eat (real) food, not too much, mostly plants is one of the essences of Vitality+Awesomeness when it comes to nutrition. Abel & Cole’s offering is fully flexible, enabling you to buy some of the best regardless of your lifestyle or dietary requirements.

Teams Abel & Cole and V+A at a Health Event


And who doesn’t like to get freebies from time to time?! For us it was a surprise. We were not expecting anything, however our first box came with a full recipe book and a big bottle of extra virgin olive oil and every time a box is delivered, there’s little story or something interesting and helpful to read! I find their website to be a great add-on as it offers so much from who they work with, the range of products they have, recipes and so much more.

As we head into the London winter, we’re keen to embrace the season’s harvest and look forward to the deliciousness of hearty soups and broths, roast veg and warming casseroles.

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