What Gets You Out Of Bed – Project


By Thomas Belloy | 1st March 2017

March has just begun and we are already excited. Spring is peeping its head around the corner, the days are getting longer and we finally start “What Gets You Out Of Bed”, which we’ve been working on since the end of last year. You know how it is though, birthdays, Christmas, New Year, new goals and by the time you check your to do list, you haven’t done half of what you had planned!

Isn’t there always a reason to push back something you really want to do or could be passionate about? Sometimes because it’s fear or uncertainty or the feeling that it won’t be good enough! Well, today it will be good enough because we’re putting something  out there that’s different from what Vitality+Awesomeness has been focusing on until now. Although nutrition and fitness are important to us, our journey to happiness and wellbeing is a huge part of what vitalityawesomeness.com was created for.

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But before we go straight into the first “What Gets You Out Of Bed” session, which this time is our interview with a great traveller based in Thailand, I will start by explaining  what “What Gets You Out Of Bed” is about. What we do every day and why we do it is so crucial to keeping our heads out of the water. I’m sure like everyone else you have days where you just want to stay under the doona and not face what’s out there!? Or maybe not?!
From inspiring friends who have managed to turn around their lifestyle for the better in a city like London to other inspiring people who decided that travelling was the best thing on Earth, these “What Gets You Out Of Bed” interviews, articles and podcasts will surely inspire you!

We hope you enjoy this new section on Vitality+Awesomeness. Give us as much feedback as you’d like and, most importantly, spread the inspiration. #VAgetsinspired