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Welcome to Vitality+Awesomeness. Founded in 2016, we offer nutritional consultations, outdoor group workouts and personal training in London.

Based on a holistic lifestyle approach, we believe in healthy eating with a fun, active lifestyle. We focus on organising and managing your nutrition, focusing on a wide range of health conditions. In addition, food shopping guidance and personal training is available and is at the core of what we do. Vitality+Awesomeness was founded by Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Wellbeing Personal Trainer, Daen Heuston BHSc.

We also provide you with up to date online articles, tips and support on today’s nutrition and fitness.
These days there is so much information (and misinformation) out there on what and what not to eat, which workout routines are the best, how to get a bikini body in 8 hours etc. Everyone seems to have their opinion on what’s best. So how do you know who to listen to? Vitality+Awesomeness is about giving you info on what will make a difference in your life, with regards to diet, lifestyle, fitness and wellness to maximise your vitality (except the 8 hour bikini body!) and the reasons why.

You can meet Daen for nutrition consultations and personal training at the following London locations:


Nutrition Consultations


Nuffield Health Shoreditch, London

Co-founder Daen is available at Nuffield Health Shoreditch for nutritional consultations and Health MOTs.
If you are a member of Nuffield Health please get in touch directly here to enquire or make a booking with Daen at Nuffield:


Victoria House Holborn, London

Daen is also available at Victoria House in Holborn, London every Thursday between 9 and 5am.

Nutritional Consultations Start from £85.00
For employees and companies based at Victoria House, London, please click on this link.


Personal Training 


Nuffield Health Shoreditch, London

You can find Daen on the gym floor most days. As a qualified personal training Daen writes fitness programs, runs various fitness classes and  at Victoria House in Holborn every Thursday. Please feel free to use the form below or enquire at


Victoria House Holborn, London

Every Thursday, Daen is available is based at Victoria and is available for personal training.

For employees and companies based at Victoria House, London, please click on this link.


HIIT Outdoor Group Workout in Holborn


Bloomsbury Square Gardens, Holborn

Looking for a convenient way to get in an effective and efficient workout mid-week? Well look no further this summer as we now offer 40-minute outdoor HIIT classes in Bloomsbury Square every Thursday!

Our successfull group workout sessions are ran in Holborn, central London. The workout focus on bodyweight exercises at high intensity so you’ll be working on resistance as well as improving your aerobic fitness. With a maximum of 5 people per group so there’s no chance of blending into the crowd and slacking off! You’ll get a full-body cardio and resistance workout in your lunch hour. Warm-up and stretching are included.

Times: 12:00pm and 1:00pm every Thursday
Location: Bloomsbury Square Gardens in Holborn, London
Price: £12 single session; £50 for our 5-pack (to use within 8 weeks)
Our groups are maximum 5 people. If you’d like to work with your workmates or friends, please contact us as we can also arrange a different time for your own group.

For employees and companies based at Victoria House, London, please click on this link.


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