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Colds and Flu – Top 5 Tips to Keep them at Bay

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Probiotics & Superfoods On The Rise in The UK

Team V+A with the team from Turmericandhoney.com

Team V+A with the team from Turmericandhoney.com

When it comes to the nutrition and wellbeing industry, probiotics and superfoods are most certainly on everyone’s lips!  Read more

Four Sunscreens For Best Skin Protection, reviews.com clears that dilemma!

Four best sunscreens for this summer

The Best Sunscreens by Reviews.com

There always seems to be that dilemma of which sunscreens work best and will essentially keep you and your family safe. We all know how vitamin D is important for us. Getting sun exposure can have a great impact on our moods and wellbeing in general. After all, don’t we seem happier in the summer period? Read more

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Women, Abs, Body Fat: The Instagram Dilemma

Do the barrage of gym selfies of girls in crop tops with flat midsections and exceptionally low body fat really give the full story? Read more

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Why You’ll Never Skip Vegetables Again!

img_3331What are your views on vegetables? Are they the best thing ever? A necessary evil? Things your parents used to make you eat and now you avoid like the plague? Read more

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Cracking the Cholesterol Caper: The Truth about Eggs

Sherlock Chicken

Have you fallen victim to the terrible “trend” of making egg white omelettes, throwing away the yolks because of their cholesterol levels? Or, worse yet, stopped eating eggs altogether? Read more

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Snack Idea: One Minute Muffin


Here’s a tasty gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, pick-me-up that cooks in one minute! Read more

Our Health Services: Nutrition Consultations & Personal Training in London

Welcome to Vitality+Awesomeness. Founded in 2016, we offer nutritional consultations, personal training and food shopping guidance in London.

Based on a holistic lifestyle approach, We believe in healthy eating with a fun, active lifestyle. We focus on organising and managing your nutrition, focusing on a wide range of health conditions. In addition, food shopping guidance and personal training is available and is at the core of what we do. Vitality+Awesomeness was founded by Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Wellbeing Personal Trainer, Daen Heuston BHSc.

we also provide you with up to date online articles, tips and support on today’s nutrition and fitness.
These days there is so much information (and misinformation) out there on what and what not to eat, which workout routines are the best, how to get a bikini body in 8 hours etc. Everyone seems to have their opinion on what’s best. So how do you know who to listen to? Vitality+Awesomeness is about giving you info on what will make a difference in your life, with regards to diet, lifestyle, fitness and wellness to maximise your vitality (except the 8 hour bikini body!) and the reasons why.

You can meet Daen for nutrition consultations and personal training at the following London locations:

Nutrition Consultations & Personal Training Nuffield Health, Shoreditch

Co-founder Daen is available at Nuffield Health in Shoreditch for personal training, nutritional consultations and health MOTs. If you are a member of Nuffield Health please get in touch directly here to enquire or make a booking with Daen at Nuffield. getintouch@vitalityawesomeness.com.

Nutrition Consultations & Personal Training at Victoria House, Holborn

Daen is available for nutrition consultations and personal training at Victoria House in Holborn every Thursday. Please feel free to use the form below or enquire at getintouch@vitalityawesomeness.com.

For employees and companies based at Victoria House, London, please click on this link.

Personal Training & Outdoor Workout in East London

Daen is available for personal training in Victoria Park & Shoreditch Park in East London.

Contact us / Enquire

To make an appointment or enquire, please fill in the form below, text/call 07498 480 592 or email at getintouch@vitalityawesomeness.com.

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What If A Nutritionist Came To The Supermarket With You? Book your Food Shopping Guidance!


Vitality Awesomeness – Grocery Shopping/Our Food Essentials

Contact us for details to organise a Nutritional Consultation and/or a Food Shopping Guidance to come and help you organise your essentials from the supermarket to your own pantry Read more


Computer says "No"


Annabelle’s story.

Having been through several years of studying nutrition, sometimes I forget that much of the knowledge I’ve gained isn’t necessarily obvious to Joe (or Jolene) Average (this is one of the main reasons we started vitalityawesomeness.com btw). I need to be reminded sometimes that people get their information from different sources, some of which are questionable. Read more